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ePoetry Therapy & Esoterica


Indulging an entirely new dimension of creative possibilities in the realms of Social Media and simulated-environment technology, WITCH HAZEL WIDOW™ integrates words, images, and sound with real-life artwork and virtual world imagery.  It is a subtly symbolic, yet very deliberate reminder, of the fine-line parallels and inter-connected threads that tend to exist between the spiritual world and the material world...the imagined world of fantasy, and the physical places and circumstances commonly referred to as "reality".

"Human Nature. Language. Technology.

The three most fascinating things on this planet to me. Being able to work within the synergy of this essential trinity, is an opportunity to work some real magic in the world!"

~ Paco-Michelle



Witch Hazel Widow™

Founder & Creative Director

Most inspired since childhood by the works of Madeleine L'Engle, Sylvia Plath, and Nikki Giovanni, Ms. Atwood has gained invaluable insight through deep introspection, personal observation, and an ongoing effort to bring the human experiences behind poems to the forefront for all to see, hear, feel, and essence, to give a voice to poetry that might not otherwise be heard, experienced, or even indulged in our fast-paced worlds and this ever-evolving age of Digital Acceleration. 

With an undying passion for the Arts and fascination with advancing technologies, this self-proclaimed "Grammar Geek" spends countless hours--online and offline--constantly experimenting and exploring for new ways to expound upon the institution of poetry, and the art of story-telling. PACO-MICHELLE's first book project, "WORLD INSIDE DESIGNER JEANS", is a mystically seductive-yet-tasteful compilation of Visual Poetry, Graphic Shorts, and Esoterica. 



"As my career and passions have gravitated over the years...from pen-and-paper to mouse-and-keyboard...from stage-and-studio to has always been a priority for me to stay actively supportive of organizations and events that are committed to Innovation in the Arts, to Alternative Healing methods and practices for Self-Empowerment, and to the continued development of promising talent of all ages, lifestyles, and cultural backgrounds."

~ Paco-Michelle I. Atwood  


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