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MUNDO ADENTRO: the Coming-Out Party for Poetry & Art...in the vast frontier of VR Tech and immersive Social Media


The WITCH HAZEL WIDOW™ ePoetry Therapy project is an ongoing exercise, opening the worlds of Language Arts and Fine Art to immersive story-telling and VR technology. It introduces readers and listeners to the main characters of an ongoing esoteric tale, providing insight into their private thoughts, deepest desires, internal battles, and emotional epiphanies...and more importantly, providing a creative outlet for those who need it most. RAIN CITY UNDERGROUNDTHE WIDOW'S LAIR, and GROUNDED LIVING SPACES™ are the virtual playgrounds where all the creative exchange and transformations take place.


Witch Hazel Widow's softly blended mix of original poetry, Real-Life artwork, and Machinimatography (i.e. imagery created and captured in virtual environments), is a subtly symbolic, yet very deliberate reminder from the Project Creator, of the fine-lines and common threads that tend to exist between the spiritual world and the material world...the macrocosm and the microcosm…organic life and artificial intelligence...the imagined world of fantasy, and the physical places and circumstances we commonly refer to as reality.

THE N SOCIETY and BEST FRIENDS FOR AN HOUR™ provide a means for skilled professionals and Newbie Visitors, alike, to follow the characters whose "voice" and experiences resonate with them most--particularly throughout the course of their own journey to identify and resolve hidden truths about themselves. MUNDO ADENTRO Galleries & Virtual Venues showcase the end results of those journeys...Creative-Spiritual, intellectual, and otherwise.

Virtual communities...supporting real art...supporting real people!


Mundo Adentro Galleries & Virtual Venues

Showcasing art and poetry in VR and Mixed Reality Exhibits

Looking to Follow The Widow?
(...either Inworld or in Real-life!)
Rain City Underground
World Inside Designer Jeans
Mundo Adentro Galleries
Rain City Underground
Grounded Living Spaces
Grounded Living Spaces
Mundo Adentro Galleries
Grounded Living Spaces
Mundo Adentro Galleries
Rain City Underground
Mundo Adentro Galleries
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